Access to Module #1; Road-Map to Success

Your first Road-Map to Success is ready, just go to

If you would like to print it out (I always do), just click PRINT.

NOTE: Because we are setting the foundation for all 8 modules of this course, Module #1 is a bit longer than the rest of the modules.

On Monday at 3pm Pacific I am offering a Q & A at a Google Plus Hangout (I will send out the invitations at 2:30). If you don’t already have access to a Google + Account, please email me and I will send you step-by-step instructions.

A Google+ Community has been set up and I want all of you to post your homework there. However, it is a private community and only those of you who are signed up for this class will be invited. If I haven’t already invited you, please send me your Google+ url… it looks like this

Just making sure that I invite the right ‘John Smith’ in to our community. When I get that link, I will go in an send you an invitation and email you back. If you will type into the search bar at the top ‘Road-Map to Success’ you should be able to find the right community.

Once you are in, please introduce yourself and tell us a bit about yourself. Then as you get each section of your homework done, please post a condensed version of it.

I guarantee you will get as much out of the community as you will get out of the Modules. Feel free to post questions there.

Lynn Albro

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