Internet Marketing Tips; Carefully craft a Meta Description

Internet Marketing Tips; A meta description should 
state as clearly as possible a summary of the article 
in 150 characters, including keywords.

When you type in a keyword into the search bar and the search engines shows you the indexed results, the linked line at the top is your page title and underneath that is the meta description. A carefully crafted meta description will attract the searcher’s attention.

These days meta data does not influence search engine rankings, however it is still a good practice to include keywords in your meta description.

#34. Internet Marketing Tip: Carefully craft a Meta Description Sentence

The meta description can (and should be) also be the first sentence of your Page Content. However, it is not visible on your web page unless you include it in the content. It is, in fact, a short summary of the web page and is usually located at the top of the pages source code in a <meta description> tag. It is not used by the search engines for SEO purposes.

What the meta description is used for is to provide the searcher a short description of the page beneath each indexed result. If a meta description is not included in the source code, then the search engine will choose on it’s own text from your page, and it may not be the text that you want displayed.

A meta description should state as clearly as possible, using the pages keywords, a summary of the page content, in 150 characters including spaces. So take some time and craft that meta description so that it will catch the internet surfers attention and result in a click through to your website. Besides the Page Title, the meta description could be the most important content that you write for your website.

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