Internet Marketing Tips: Set up Lead Capture Systems

Internet Tips: Set up a Lead Capture 
System to convert Prospects into Leads, and 
Leads into Clients.

Just exactly what is a lead capture system? Simply put – capturing leads happens when prospects provide contact details (name, email, phone number, etc.)  in exchange for relevant information.  On the internet this is known as Opting In.

You can use a lead capture system not only as a ‘vehicle’ to move prospects into a sales funnel, but also as a ‘vehicle’ to move prospects through the Sales Funnel, converting prospects to clients.

Think in terms of the questions your clients and prospects are asking everyday… could you create an eBook, an eGuide or host an event to answer those questions? If so, then you have a Lead Capture System ready to build.

Internet Marketing Tip: Get your prospects to give you their contact information in exchange for a valuable, relevant product

So how do you get prospects to give you their contact information in exchange for a valuable, relevant Offer? Invite your audience through all social media channels to a website landing page. At that page, create irresistible content that describes the Offer and the benefits they will gain from signing up for the Offer.

Include Offers in your email signature, at your website and promote it at events.  Along the way you should be A-B testing, measuring, analyzing and interpreting conversion data to improve the lead generation and nurturing process.

Internet Marketing Tip: Lead Generation Offers come in all shapes and sizes –

  • eBook

  • eGuide

  • White Papers

  • eNewsletters

  • Virtual Event

  • Subscription

  • Contest

  • Informational Videos

Essentially, a lead capture system is a tool used to convert prospects into leads, and leads into clients. The Offer has to be easy to sign up for, free and absolutely relevant for your target market.

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