It is important to choose keywords that people are actually using to find information in your marketing niche. So start out by writing down 10 keywords that you think people are using to find the type of information you are providing.

Say you are a Realtor in San Francisco CA, here are some sample keywords;

  • Real Estate Agent San Francisco CA
  • Homes for Sale San Francisco
  • Houses for Sale San Francisco
  • Realtor San Francisco CA
  • Ocean View homes San Francisco
  • Short Sales San Francisco
  • Foreclosures San Francisco
  • Homes in downtown San Francisco
  • Lofts in San Francisco
  • Condos in San Francisco

Next sign into your Google account and go to – ., click on Tools & Analysis, and in the drop-down click on Keyword Planner. Choose the first option – Search for New Keyword & AdGroup Ideas, and in the top box type in a couple of your keywords, then scroll down and click Get Ideas. Choose the tab – Keyword Ideas.

What you are looking for are keywords with a minimum of 1000 Average Monthly Searches, and preferably low competition.

Click on the Competition Tab at the top of the spread sheet – 2 times. The first time you click on it the Google program reorganizes the list from the highest amount of competition to the lowest. The second time you click on the word Competition, Google reorganizes the list from the lowest amount of competition to the highest.

Now choose keywords from the list with at least 1000 Global Monthly Searches and Low Competition. This way you have the best chance of driving traffic to your website using keywords in your content, in your domain, your description and behind your pictures.