Yikes, life got in the way and I lost momentum… Again!

The last blog I published went up on August 6th. The last webinar I conducted (Habit #9-Getting Online Reviews) was on September 19th. I didn’t get the September Newsletter written, AND, I have been pretty lax when it comes to Social Networking posts.

Okay, so I dropped a few balls. 

Truly I believe that the only way to build a business is to market that business consistently – 5 days a week! Yet, over and over I get off-track.Sometimes life gets in the way. In this case, I was contracted to build three websites, AND I had to bring my accounting up to date for an EDD audit.

Nothing like a little pressure. 

Essentially, there was not enough time in the days (and nights) to get all of that done AND still market my business. It took at least 60 hours to build the websites and another 60 hours to bring my accounting up to date… on top of the 30 hours a week (+ travel) I have committed to my main client.

So I lost my momentum!
Now it is time to get back up to speed and regain my momentum. As I see it there four steps to getting back on track;

  • Make a decision to get back on track and set a time frame
  • Write a To-Do list of tasks that need to be done to stay on track
  • Schedule the tasks on the To-Do list on your calendar for the next few days
  • Block out time on your calendar every week so that you can keep on doing the tasks on your To-Do list.

Isn’t it interesting that when you write out a To-Do list, just the action of doing it creates a momentum of its own. My favorite part of this process is checking off the completed tasks.

Final word: When you get off-track and lose momentum, don’t beat yourself up… just get started, and success will follow!

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