Internet Marketing Tips; Add images with alt tags and descriptions

Internet Marketing Ideas; Images (pictures, graphics, videos), 
with alt tags and descriptions, are an important element when 
added to any webpage or social networking sites.

You’ve heard the saying – A picture is worth a thousand words, that’s absolutely true on the internet. Your visitor can see in an instant what your written content is about, and make a decision whether or not to read that written content.

When it comes to images, search engines extract relevant information from the Html which is the back-end code of your website. Search engines cannot see the images (pictures, graphics, videos, etc). So if you don’t install code behind the pictures and graphics, and attach a title, description, and keywords to your videos, those images will not benefit your SEO.

Internet Marketing Tip: Images enhance your visitor’s experience

Pictures, graphics, and videos on a web page enhance your visitor’s experience, so I recommend at least one of these images on each of your webpages. You need to add an Alt tag and image description (with keywords) behind your pictures and graphs and attach a title, description, and keywords to your videos.

Internet Marketing Tip: Do not use images excessively

More pictures can slow down the loading of a webpage page… you have all experienced this in one form or another. You land on a website and the pictures are slowly loading, sometimes they just aren’t there and other times the pictures will load from top to bottom. What do you do? My reaction is to bounce right out of the website, thus negatively impacting the website’s search engine optimization.

Internet Marketing Tip: Use images at social working sites to promote business.

These days social networking is all about images and it would be hard to overuse them in that venue. When you add an image to your social networking sites, be sure to use descriptive text in the image file name, and keywords in the attached post.

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