Internet Marketing Tip: Analyze keywords used to find your website

Internet Marketing Tips: Analyze keywords used to
find your website, then leverage keywords to drive
traffic with and Google Analytics.

#69. Internet Marketing Tip; Leverage keywords to drive traffic to website.

Did you know, there is a way you can analyze which keywords people are using to find your business? And, did you know that you can leverage those keywords to drive traffic to your website?

Your paying customers are not random web surfers. They don’t just type in a general keyword; “Realtor”, “nutrition”, “books”… no they generally type in a longer term that is far more targeted than that.  For instance:

“Realtor in San Francisco CA”, or “victorian houses for sale in San Francisco CA”

“Lose weight, stay healthy”, or “healthy wat to lose weight fast”

“Political fiction books”, or “best political fiction thriller”

Think in terms of keyword phrases, sometimes known as long-tail keywords. What phrases are your customers using to find you? What phrases should be leading them to you? The simple answer is to find out which keywords are leading your visitors to your website, then capitalize on that.

There are a couple of ways to find out which keywords are leading visitors to your website:

#70.Internet Marketing Tip: Use to analyze keywords

Just login to the website, then click on Site Info in the blue bar at the top. Type in your domain and then in the next screen click on Get Details. Next, scroll down and click on the Search Analytics tab. In the middle of this page note this column of keywords – Top Queries from Search Traffic. On the right you will find – High Impact Search Queries for and down below you will find Search Traffic on the Rise and Decline.

At, you can also search your competition. Just follow the directions above and substitute your domain with your competitors domain. Start documenting (on your keyword spreadsheet) the keywords that you find here.

Capitalizing on these keywords that are driving traffic to your website AND your competitors websites will help drive new traffic to your business website.

#71. Internet Marketing Tip: Use Google Analytics to analyze keywords used to access your website.

Google Analytics provides website statistics. It will tell you which keywords people are using to access your website, and what pages they land on, how long they stay at that page, and so on. It is enabled by including a tracking code provided by Google in the template of your website. This way, Google’s indexing bots can see every page of your site and tell you all kinds of information about the traffic you’re receiving on those pages.

Once Google Analytics is set up, it starts tracking visitor activity immediately. For instance, recently I found the there are 3 strong keywords that are driving traffic to my website, “real estate marketing ideas”, “real estate marketing” and “guerrilla marketing ideas”.

My website keyword is – real estate marketing ideas, so I am already addressing the first to keywords… however, if I were to write more articles on guerrilla marketing I could drive more visitors to the site.

Can you see the importance of analyzing the keywords your prospects and clients are using to find your website? If you don’t already have a website, now would be a good time to start researching your competition (using to get ideas for the niche keywords.

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