Internet Marketing Tips; 4 Strategies to get your Emails Opened

Internet Marketing Tips; Four strategies for stronger 
email open rates; entertain them, save them money, 
make them smarter or solve a problem.
Are your marketing emails getting opened? If your open rates tend to be less than 12%, then you have a problem and you need to rethink your email marketing strategy. Perhaps your emails tend to be focused on selling, try mixing it up next time. Don’t just sell, focus on one of the following ideas to get your emails opened:

#206. Internet Marketing Tip: Create emails that entertain your audience.

Include something in the subject line that lets your audience know that you are giving them access to something funny; a video, a joke, a funny story, etc. If your readers enjoy what you have shared and you provide them with a link to the entire email… your email will get shared – perhaps to 100’s of people within minutes.

#207. Internet Marketing Tip: Create emails that save your audience money.

Let your subscribers know in the subject line that you have an Offer that will save them money, i.e. if you are a Realtor you could provide an ebook – “How to Sell Your Home for More Money”. If you sell nutritional products, let your audience know about a new product available for a short time at 40% off.

#208. Internet Marketing Tip: Create emails that provide learning opportunities.

Make sure to include in the subject line a description of what your audience will learn when they read your email. Recently I received an email from Hubspot with the title – “How to Get Past the 10 Most Debilitating Sources of Writer’s Block”. Not only did I save the email, I starred it to read later when I have time… and if it is really good I will share it with my social networking sites.

#209. Internet Marketing Tip: Create an emails that will solve a problem.

In the subject line, let your reader know up front, that you are offering an ebook, i.e. “5 Steps to Facebook Marketing Success” – and your audience will be more likely to open your email, and further more they are likely to sign up for your Offer and share it with their friends and social media. It’s possible to craft an email that both entertains and saves subscribers money, or one that can both make people smarter and save them time. But most emails focus on only one of the the four themes. Take a look at your recent email marketing messages. Can you identify which of the four reasons your subscribers are reading your emails? If your answer is “none of the above,” you might want to reconsider your approach.

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