Internet Marketing Tips; Add Google+ to your Social Networking Efforts

Internet Marketing Tips; Google+ and Google applications 
provide the business owner with an opportunity to network 
and market to prospects.

For those of you entrenched in Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn, I’ll bet you are wondering why you need Google Plus?

#221. Internet Marketing Tip: Google+ is looking like the hub of all of the other Google applications.

It appears that there are some huge opportunities for marketing your business… and those of us who are early to use and master Google+ will be in the best position to potentially benefit down the road.

Here are a few of the Google applications that have a huge potential to link together creating some useful business applications:

#222. Internet Marketing Tip: Google Places is a place to add a business listing for the search results.

Google is in the process of integrating Google Places data with a Google plus business page and is now known as Google Local. You can still manage your business information from the Google Places dashboard.

#223. Internet Marketing Tip: Google Calendar has added event functionality to Google+.

Posting events as a business inside of Google+ enables integrated scheduling and improved findability of events that matter to your prospects.

#224. Internet Marketing Tip: Google’s Android mobile platform has location-aware features.

What this means is that Google searches take into account where you’re located. Google+ is built to accept, post, and share location data.

#225. Internet Marketing Tip: Google Analytics are integrated with Google+ business pages.

Google Analytics integration with business pages on Google+ means that not only does Google Analytics record the analytics of your primary websites, but now you, the website owner also have visibility into how people on this social networking find your information and what they do with it. This will improve your ability to move people toward what they want, not only at your primary website, but also at Google+.

#226. Internet Marketing Tip: YouTube is also integrated with Google+.

There is a tab just under the banner at your Profile page which your audience can click and gain access to all of your Public videos.

For those of you that have mastered marketing on Facebook you have not wasted your time, in fact it is still the number one social networking site on the internet. For this reason it’s a good idea to keep engaging with your profile friends, page likes and group members, especially if have figured out how to syndicate your posts on automation.

Twitter is still excellent at providing rapid, real time information, which is the reason news journalists love it.  LinkedIn, on the other hand is still great business networking tool, especially if you are looking for a job.  If you already working in these social networking sites – keep engaging with your friends, followers and connections.

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