Internet Marketing Tips; Engage with Prospects at Google+

Internet Marketing Tips; Use Google+ to reach out to 
Prospects, segment them into Circles, share targeted 
messages, chat and hangout in real time.

First, let’s explore all of the basic features you will find at Google+:

Internet Marketing Tip: Add Profile information at Google+.

Very similar to any social network all over the internet… you add a bio, contact info, location data, links to your websites, photos, videos and more. If at some point you already filled out a Google Profile you will now find that info at Google+. Be sure to include a bio that tells your audience who you are and what you have to offer.

Internet Marketing Tip: At Google+ use circles to segment your family and friends from prospects.

Google+ Circles enable to you organize who you follow, who you share with and what you share with them. Add your friends, family, prospects, people with similar interests to specific Circles. Facebook offers ‘lists’ which is similar to Circles, just not as easy to use. When you add someone to a circle, you give them permission to see your posts. However, if that someone doesn’t chose to follow you back – they won’t see your posts.

Internet Marketing Tip: Post content at Google+ that will interest your target market.

Similar to Facebook, you can post your status, share information, images, links and location data. Just before you share a post you have the option to choose which of your Circles will see that post. This makes it easy to share content that is relevant to your target market – to a specific target market Circle.

Internet Marketing Tip: Comment, Plus (+1) and Share to engage with your Google+ Prospects.

When other people post interesting content you have 3 options to engage with them, you can +1 if you like and/or agree, you can Share with people in your Circles, and you can leave a comment. You can also +1 other people’s comments to show that you agree or further comment at your own posts in response to other people’s comments. This enables you to build relationships and establish trust with your target market.

Internet Marketing Tip: Engage with your target market, video chat in hangouts.

This is a video chat feature that enables up to 10 users to talk back and forth on video, simultaneously. You could use this to interact with customers or collaborate with team members. You can also Google chat, similar to any instant messenger or chat client, Google+ integrates the chat feature into the sidebar. You can use it to chat with a single person, or as an open chat room to chat with all of the people in one of your  Circles.

Actually, the most exciting feature is the easy access to Google+ from any Google product; Google Search, Gmail, YouTube, etc.  In the upper right hand corner you have a notifications box, which lets you check your updates and a Share button which allows you to share an update without ever having to leave the page. And, when one of your Circle friends has a birthday, a notification will pop up giving you the opportunity to which them Happy Birthday.

Learn more about Google+ and tap into this powerful social networking site

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