Internet Marketing Tips; Practice List Segmentation to improve Email Opens

Internet Marketing Strategies; Have several segmented 
marketing lists personalized for the various prospect 
buying stages to improve email open rates.

Let’s talk about your contact list, does it include both customers and prospects all in one list? Or have you segmented that database to smaller lists that reflect the various buying stages.

#220. Internet Marketing Tips; Practice list segmentation to see better open rates and fewer unsubscribes.

On the other hand, marketers that send out emails to a single list experience a lower email click-through rate than those who segment their database into at least a couple lists.

Here are some things to consider when segmenting your list:

  • Demographics: Consider the person’s age, gender, education, geographical location, industry, seniority, etc. All of these quantifiable statistics can offer insights as to what kind of email content will be most interesting to each segment.
  • Buyer Persona: Once you have defined your buyer personas, create email content that will appeal to the distinct challenges and concerns of each list.
  • Opt-in history: When your prospects subscribe to one of your lists in exchange for one of your Offers, you already know at least one aspect of your product/service they are interested in. Keep that list intact and use it as a segmented list.
  • Sales Funnel Stage: Segment your list based on where they are in your Sales Funnel; Potential interested, informed prospects, interested prospects, highly interested prospects, and clients. By providing information linked to questions your prospects face during the different buying stages, your content will better pull your leads through the sales funnel.
  • Content Engagement: Analyze your email statistics… is there a specific set of your contacts that always downloads a certain kind of content? Segment your lists based on the topics that your contacts have showed interest in, and make sure to offer additional Offers based on their interests and/or engagement.
  • Purchase History: If  your contacts have purchased, then it is a good idea to keep them is a list that reflects what they purchased. Purchase history can be used to promote and sell similar products or services, offer secondary call-to-actions, etc. In others, you know from their buying activities what their interests are, provide more information along those lines.

Segmentation is becoming more important for keeping your Leads engaged and increasing your bottom line. If you use the ideas listed above to begin segmenting your contact list you will learn along the way and tweak your email content as you see what works.

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