Internet Marketing Tips; Reach out to your target market

Internet Marketing Tips; Reach out to your target market using 
many marketing tools - Direct Marketing, Social Networking and 
Email Marketing.

Internet Marketing Tip: Reach out to your Target Market

Set up a top 100 prospects file

  • Prospects that need your services and are going to buy this year (contact 1 x a week)

Set up Contact files;

  • Prospects that need your services, but have put the decision on hold (contact 2 x a month)
  • Prospects that are not going to need your services anytime soon, but you would still like to keep your name in front of them
  • Clients that have purchased and you need to keep your name in front of them.
  • Colleagues that you may refer business to.

Internet Marketing Tip: Network locally and online

Attend local meetings where these people are likely to be

  • Collect business cards
  • Send direct mail
  • Visit in person

Invite people that fit into your target market to be friends, followers & connections

  • Provide valuable, interesting content that appeals to these people

Join online Groups, ‘like’ pages, get involved in forums, and question & Get involved in the discussions

  • Answer questions at LinkedIn and Quora
  • Post valuable and interesting content
  • Join networks where your target market hangs out.

Set up your own Groups and Pages

Internet Marketing Tip: Email marketing is a powerful marketing tool

  1. Contact every one of your contacts at least once a month with a newsletter
  2. Send out links to relevant and interesting information you find on the internet
  3. Send out links to your new blog content
  4. Share videos
  5. Set up a free informational product, and have that information automatically emailed to a contact list on a regular basis.

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