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Once you have been working a week or two, you should have a lot of connections and a lot of follow-ups. And next week you should have more connections and more follow-ups. Do you see how this system builds upon itself?

That is why it is very important to be consistent daily so that this Business Fundamentals journey doesn’t become overwhelming.

We all have connections and it is very important that you use these worksheets now… these worksheets keep your week focused – so you’ll know just what is going on in your business. 

Prospect Worksheet

Prospect Form

Let’s talk about purpose management. It’s very, very important when you are managing your business that you are ‘keeping the main thing – the main thing’. Right now we’re focusing on income-producing activities.

If you really struggle with time management, try Susan Sly Organize Your Life Planner. Susan Sly is one of the most organized human beings on the planet, and it’s all done by color code on a calendar.

You can use a large calendar for each month, or you can use a day planner as I have – it’s called the Passion Planner – you write down all of your activities, then you color code them.

For example, when you are setting up your calendar and scheduling time for:

  • Income-producing activities and highlight in green.
  • Time with family for meals and everyday activities and highlight in blue.
  • Fun time with family and friends or just time for yourself should be highlighted in yellow
  • Other things we have to do in life (doctors appointments, grocery shopping, banking, etc.) should be highlighted in orange

I don’t believe in time management, but I do very strongly believe in Purpose Management… manage your life with purpose, including work, family, and fun – it will set you FREE!

So this week is all about getting a calendar and working that calendar.

Daily Planner

I’m excited for each of you, and I want each of you to take a minute and celebrate last week, you all have an amazing number of connections.

Please use these worksheets, feel free to forward the finished product to me via, and please label the email ‘Crazy Smart Marketing’. Also, don’t forget to share your victories, questions, or concerns on the Business Academy group page.

Remember, this Business Academy is just like any other school –  if you don’t do your homework daily, then you have to catch up. Let’s say that you just play at a C level (just getting by), and in the long run that is affecting your ability to accomplish your dreams. your dreams are worth achieving. If you are playing at  A or B level, you are accountable to yourself and you are metaphorically positioning yourself to succeed.

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