When you are setting up your social networking sites, feel free to use this checklist as a guide.


Personal Profile Picture

[  ] Do you have a professional photo

[  ] Are you smiling?

[  ] Is it a headshot, can your audience tell it is you?

Banner Picture should represent a lifestyle, not your company!

[  ] Beaches

[  ] Trees

[  ] You and your family and/or friends

[  ] You having fun (no alcohol please)

Your About Section

[  ] First, your website (or social networking company website)

[  ] Then, a statement “I teach (profession – e.g. network marketers) how to (recruit more reps)(get more leads) and (close more sales) through (Social Media).”

[  ] Connect your personal profile to your Business Page – say you work at (your business page).

Your Story

[  ] What you use to do or still do

[  ] Why you are in this industry, and some of the successes you’ve had.

[  ] How you can help people succeed

Your Social Networking Posts

[  ] 80% value

  • Inspirational quotes

  • Life experiences

  • Images; lifestyle quotes in images, funny pictures

  • Videos – at least 2 per week

  • Blog (can be 3rd party) – if you blog, 3-5 a week

[  ] 10-20% pitch

  • Local meetings/conference calls coming up with a photo

  • Photos with you and the team – lifestyle

  • Raise curiosity, have some fun with your business

  • Virtual training links

  • Answer the question – what’s in it for them, why should they click to join.

Your Contact Info

[  ] Email – must make public

[  ] Link to website – must have

[  ] Your phone (optional)

Business Page

Professional photos (profile pic & banner)

Banner should have:

  • Website

  • Tagline

  • Picture of you – not your company

  • Your branded colors

About Section – this is very important because this also shows up when you run generic ads to increase the LIKES at your Business Page.

[  ] Website first

[  ] A sentence or two – how can you help them specifically get what they want.

Posts – 3-4 times a day

[  ] Same as personal only add a bit more business value

[  ] Links to videos, articles, blogs (can be 3rd party)

[  ] Simple to answer questions; trivia, agree/disagree, what are your thoughts, yes/no questions, anything that will result in your fans engaging

Facebook Business Page Apps – buttons your followers can click on for more information on what you do.

[  ] These need to look very professional

Contact Info

[  ] Email – must have

[  ] Website – must have

[  ] Phone number (optional)

Practical Execution

Consider promoting posts through Facebook advertising and promoting your status updates right on your Fan Page. Promoting your posts will increase your exposure to your fans and ultimately will increase your engagement on your page.

Pick 5 – 7 other Facebook Business Pages in your niche to follow and interact on. Look for opportunities to respond to their status updates, other follower’s questions, and respond to status update threads which have several comments, shares and LIKES. Do this everyday.

Respond to all emails and FB messages, engage by asking questions about the person sending you the message. People LOVE to talk about themselves and what they do. Engaging in conversation is your job here. Take time to actually look at their profile and find some commonalities.

Source: Maurice Visser