The Art of Connection

The Art of Connection Study Guide

How to Make a Personal Connection with Customers

Prospect Worksheet

Obviously, when we talk about Business Fundamentals, we’re talking about connecting with people and giving them the opportunity to have what we have. But it’s so much more than that, and you are so much more than that.

When you sincerely connect with your own soul, who you are, and what your purpose is… other people see that and want to connect with you.

It’s really, really important this week to focus on The Art of Connection Study Guide – and really generate sincere interest in who you are talking to while thinking about how you can add VALUE.

The message now is – to focus on really being in tune with what your connection is [with a prospect] and what are your intentions.

Take some time in the next couple of days to read The Art of Connection Study Guide, there is homework attached, feel free to forward your homework to me:, Subject – Crazy Smart Marketing.

So I will leave you with the question – what is your intention for connecting with an individual this week?

  • is it to just be friendly
  • is it to be a listener
  • is it to listen to people’s needs
  • is it to offer people a gift
  • is it to convert prospects into connections

NOTE: Your gift can be as big as you, or if someone is really connecting to you and talking to you sincerely about looking for a solution, it can be a business opportunity.

Enjoy your day and connect. Start with your own soul and then just go give that connection your full attention.

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