Everyday I talk to business owners and independent contractors wanting to know how to implement their own internet marketing strategy so that they can start generating new business, leads and referrals from their existing clients.

They just aren’t sure where to start.  And, some of them fear that they won’t be able to learn the techniques.

Even worse, business owners feel like once they get an internet marketing system set-up, they won’t have time to manage or maintain it.

In 8 simple training modules I am going to train business owners to setup their internet marketing system:

1. Planning for Success! Keywords & Target Market

2. Setting up your SEO website

3. Learn the art of social prospecting

4. How to automate social networking posts

5. How to set up local marketing

6. How to add curated content to your website

7. How to write an eBook and gain new prospects

8. How to measure internet marketing results