Internet Marketing Tips; Do Keyword Research and Document Results

Internet Marketing Tip: The first step - conduct 
a keyword research and document the global monthly 
demands and number of indexed results.


In my opinion, keyword research is an art form. It is tedious, time consuming work that requires lots of patience. It’s important to come to the table with no preconceived ideas as to what your keywords are going to be ahead of time. Be ready to do research.

So how do you conduct a keyword research that results in traffic to your website?

First let’s define Keyword(s)

A keyword is not usually just a single word, but can be 2 or 3 words in combination that answer the the question “What’s the point of this one web page?”

#59. Internet Marketing Tip; Learn how a search engine works.

NOTE: When you do a Google Search you aren’t actually searching the web, you are searching Google’s index of the web, or at least as much of it as Google has found.

Google uses software programs called spiders. Spiders start by fetching a few web pages, then they follow the links on those pages to new pages, then fetch the pages they point to. Spiders then follow all the links those pages point to to, and so on, until they have indexed a pretty big chunk of the web. These spiders index many billions of pages stored across thousands of machines.

So, when you decide to Search for a specific keyword:

  • Google’s software searches every indexed page that includes your keywords.
  • In many cases there are hundreds of  thousands (sometimes millions…even billions) of pages indexed on the internet with those specific keywords.

#60. Internet Marketing Tip; How to conduct a keyword research

Type Google Keyword Tool into your browser bar, then click on – NOTE: If you have a gmail account click on the link in the upper right hand corner Sign In and you can avoid having to type in the security code.

Type in a couple relevant keywords and click Search. Next scroll down to Search terms and note the Global Monthly demands. Click on the down arrow next to the keyword and choose the option Google Search. In the next screen, note the number of results at the top of the page. This indicates the number of pages those keywords are indexed on at the search engines, note this number.

Finally scroll down and examine the keyword groups. You are looking for at least 1000 global monthly demands, and limited competition

#61. Internet Marketing Tip: Document keyword research results

First open up a spreadsheet and start documenting keyword research results

  • In the first column type in the keyword
  • In the 2nd column type in the global monthly demands
  • In the 3rd column type in the # of competitors pages that include your keywords

Finally, go over your spreadsheet and look at the all of your keywords looking for a keyword niche… in other words look for keywords with at least 1000 Global Monthly Demands, and limited competition; under 500,000 indexed pages of competitors results.

Keyword research takes time… sometimes several hours and should result in hundreds of potential keywords that you can use at your website, keywords that will drive traffic to your site. And, the job is never done. You need to revisit this process on a regular basis to see if the keywords you are using are still relevant, and also search for new keywords

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