Internet Marketing Ideas; Building a Brand; Steps 3, 4

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Step 3 – Putting your Brand into Words

Your vision statement is your ultimate dream; your mission is how you’ll achieve your aspirations.

Vision Statement
Ask the questions:
1. Why drives you to get up and go to work in the morning
2. What GOOD do you want to affect in your world
3. What ultimate benefits do your products and services deliver

“I understand the struggle that small businesses have getting the word out. Learning how to market your business on the internet levels the playing field between big business and the small business owner.”

Mission Statement
1. The products or services you provide
2. Who you serve
3. How you are unique
4. What benefits or greater good you promise

“With over 25 years of sales and marketing experience, Lynn Albro understands the sense of urgency and the complexity of marketing on the World Wide Web. Working with small business owners, she provides cost effective training, coaching and premium services, helping clients to establish an internet marketing presence that generates sales of products and services.”

Business Promise Statement
For Example my promise statement should include how to:
1. To find cost-effective internet marketing tools
2. To learn how to use those tools to the best advantage of a small business owner
3. To train and coach a client in these tools providing effective time management during the learning process.
4. To stay current of the most effective internet marketing techniques and tools

“Lynn Albro’s primary goal is to provide training and premium services to small business owners who rest assured that they are getting cutting edge and cost-effective internet marketing solutions that will generate sales of their products and services.”

Brand Character Statement
Must be an accurate reflection of your business vision, mission, values and promise.
1. Review your vision statement and refocus on the highest aspirations of your business.
2. Review the top values you support
3. Review the promise you make in your marketplace
4. Based on your vision values and promise, write a one-sentence brand character statement.

“Our brand is professional, a trait we reflect through brand expressions that are full of cutting edge information and thoughtful insights.”

The Brand Identity Statement shrinks all your thoughts about your business mission, values and promise into a concise statement that defines what you do and how you differ from all other similar solutions, and what you pledge to deliver to those who deal with your business.

1. The 3 things you want people to know about your business; What your offer, who you serve and how you’re the best at what you do.
2. Your point of difference – how you do it differently and better than anyone else.
3. Your business promise.
4. Your brand character or personality.

“Lynn Albro promises small business owners that they can count on us for simple, cutting edge, internet marketing solutions delivered in a professional and easy to understand manner, both visually and in written training guides.”

NOTE: It is important to write down this brand identity statement and commit to it before going forward. Remember, a Brand is a promise.

Step 4 – Naming Your Brand

The right name distinguishes you from all other businesses, and ideally, it establishes your personality, brand character, market position and the nature of your offering.

Names like Apple, Google, Amazon and Yahoo are brands that don’t convey promises, however, their brand management programs have invested awareness building that inject the names with meanings in the consumers mind.

Names like Internet Explorer, Dunkin’ Donuts, Mail Boxes, Etc. instantaneously convey their brand purposes.

The smaller your marketing budget, the wiser you are to settle on a brand name that automatically conveys your brand essence.

  • Jiffy Lube service centers
  • DieHard automotive batteries
  • Terminix pest control
  • Lean Cuisine entrees
  • Coppertone suncare products
  • Seattle’s Best coffee
  • Ziploc storage bags

Picking your Brand Name
List the attributes you personally want to reflect in your Brand
Look for inspiration by going to places your target customers hang out
Check out magazines that your customers are likely to read

Narrow your list to the best options
1. Does the name accurately depict or support your brand image
2. Is it easy to say, and easy to spell
3. Is it unique
4. Can you protect it
5. Do a keyword research

Screening to see if the name is already taken
1. Conduct a preliminary online search for the name
2. Search your state’s database of registered name
3. Check with the United States Patent & Trademark office –, search trademarks
4. Do a domain search

Trademark the name
1. Register your business name with government offices in your local market area.
2. Get more information on U.S. trademarks:
3. Patent offices throughout Europe:
4. Establish a trademark in a number of countries:
5. Locate an attorney specializing in intellectual property

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