Internet marketing Tips; 5 Steps to Lead Nurturing

Internet Marketing Tips; Lead Nurturing includes 
setting goals, buyer persona, creating relevant 
content, a timeline and measuring results.

Lead nurturing, and integral part of internet marketing,  is about communicating consistent and meaningful contacts with potential prospects drawing them through the sales funnel… From Potentially Interested Prospects to Informed, Interested, and Highly Interested Prospects to Clients.

Here are 5 steps to lead nurturing:

#142. Internet Marketing Tip; Determine your goals.

Decide what actions make a lead ready to buy, and decide what type of content will qualify them. When your leads are visiting your site multiple times per day, reviewing your case studies, posting your content on their social networking pages and/or visiting your pricing page – they are getting ready to buy. You’ll be able to determine what type of content qualifies them by what content they are visiting.

#143. Internet Marketing Tip; Decide what your Buyer’s Persona is.

In other words, who is your ideal client, product/service appeal to. Include details; age, occupation, marital status, etc. Spend some time researching, asking questions and evaluating who these people and what their needs are and why they would buy your product.

#144. Internet Marketing Tip; Nurture Prospects with relevant content.

Instead of jumping in and sending them an email requesting a quote or demo, you should nurture them through the sales funnel first. Send emails that offer value that will appeal to your Buyers Persona; videos, webinars, eBooks, blog posts, etc.

#145. Internet Marketing Tip; Set up a Timeline for when you think your lead will buy.

75% of leads buy within 18-24 months. With lead nurturing, patience is virtue. If you believe your lead will buy during that time period, It’s a good idea to send out at least one automated nurturing lead per month.  If you think your lead will buy within a month, then it is a good idea to set up a campaign that goes out on the 1st, 10th, and 20th day after conversion.

#146. Internet Marketing Tip; Know what types of content are working and what’s not.

It’s a good idea to measure how your you’re growing your database from your lead nurturing efforts. You need to know what’s working and what’s not so that you can continue to improve. As your campaigns run, make sure to experiment with the offers you send, the subject lines and the calls-to-action within the email content.

If you have a lead nurturing strategy in place and it’s not working, then take the time to review the 5 steps to lead nurturing above. Starting with your goals, determining your buyer persona, creating relevant content, and setting up a timeline, and ending with evaluating and measuring your results, the goal of lead nurturing is – clients buying your products and/or services.

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