Internet Marketing Tips; A Call-to-Action must be Concise and Visible

Internet Marketing Tips; A Calls-to-Action only works if 
it is clear what you are offering and it can be easily seen, 
and clicked on, by your visitor.

Simply put a call-to-action (aka CTA) is an invitation for your visitor to access one of your Offers in exchange for contact information. If your CTAs aren’t effective at getting your visitor’s attention and persuading them to click, then your Offer is essentially invisible.

However, not all CTAs are effective in getting your visitors attention. On the world wide web where every brand is fighting for attention, it’s critical that your target market chooses your Offer over your competition, opting in to your sales funnel so that you can build trust.

#163. Internet Marketing Tips; Clarity trumps persuasion.

This quote by Flint McGlaughlin, Director of MEC Labs says a lot about how we need to be crystal clear about what Offer is in your CTA.

  • If you are giving away a free guide, say “Download a FREE guide to _________________.”
  • If you’re hosting a free webinar, say “Save your seat for our FREE webinar on _________________.”
  • If you are inviting people to a free podcast, say “Sign up for a FREE podcast on __________________.”

And the description of your guide, podcast or webinar should clearly convey a compelling benefit for the visitor when  receiving the Offer. This is much more effective the “Download Now” or “Get a Free Article”.  Not only is it not clear to your visitor what the Offer is, it is also not clear to the search engines.

When designing your call-to-action, use contrasting colors to make the CTA stand out. If your CTA colors are the same color as your site design, no one will notice it. And, the goal is to get visitors to see your CTA and sign up for your Offer, thus, increasing the number of leads in sales funnel. Also, use design to make it clear it is a clickable call-to-action.

#164. Internet Marketing Tip: Place your CTA where the eye can see it.

Calls-to-action’s do best ‘above the fold’… that space that your visitor can see on their computer screen, without having to scroll down. According, “The real estate above the fold is more valuable than stuff below the fold for attracting and keeping users’ attention.”

So place your CTA either at the top of your article, or find a space in your sidebar. And, once you have installed your call-to-action, test it to make sure that it stands out and what you are offering is clear and concise.

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