Internet Marketing Tips; Create Offers and landing pages for all Products

Internet Marketing Tips; Create CTAs for all products/services, 
link each to landing page, and redirect to a Thank You page 
that promotes engagement.

#165. Internet marketing Tip: Create Offers for all of Products/Services.

If your company offers various products or services, create a different call-to-action Offer for each of them. And, then place another relevant CTA Offer on those website pages, i.e. “Request the Facebook Marketing Guide” in the pages of  the “Internet Marketing – the Basics” eBook. If the

#166. Internet Marketing Tip: Link each CTA to a dedicated landing page.

It is a good idea to link a call-to-action to a dedicated landing page where your visitor receives the Offer. Do not use a CTA to drive traffic to your homepage even if it is about our brand or product. You are more likely to convert a prospect to a lead if you send your visitors to a landing page that is relevant to the information they are looking for.

#167. Internet Marketing Tip: Redirect to a Thank You to promote engagement.

When someone downloads for one of your offers, redirect them to a Thank You page, using that space on that as an opportunity to promote other offers or blog content. This action promotes engagement, which is a good way to turn interested prospects into raving fans.

For example: After a visitor signs up for the eBook – “Internet Marketing – the Basics”, you could invite them to connect with you on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google +, Pinterest, etc. You could include your email address for questions and/or comments, or you can add another CTA: People who downloaded this eBook, also signed up for “5 Steps to Facebook Marketing”.

Sounds like a lot of call-to-actions doesn’t it. The point is, don’t miss an opportunity to offer relevant information. If you do, you give your Lead a chance to learn more about your products/services, building trust and promoting engagement.

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