Internet Marketing Tips: Use Twitter for Small Business

Internet Marketing Tips; Twitter is a social 
platform that Small business owners can connect 
with Followers to share and learn information.

Internet Marketing Tips: Use Twitter for Small Business

Twitter is a social platform where users can connect with their interests to share andlearn information. Twitter has over 140,000,000 active Users producing 340,000,000 tweets a day.  And, Twitter handles 24 billion search queries per month.

Why should your small business be on Twitter?

  • 33% of people on Twitter follow a brand, that’s 46,200,000 people!
  • 663% increase of Twitter Users asking for business recommendations in the last 2 years.
  • 67% of Twitter Users are more likely to buy from the brand they follow on Twitter.

The number of small business owners using Twitter has grown substantially. Twitter offers a significant opportunity for your business to answer questions. generate leads and position your business as an authority in the industry.

Who’s on Twitter and What are they doing?

  • About 15 million Twitter Users have an average income of less than $24,999
  • About 37 million Twitter Users have an average income of $25,000 to $49,999
  • About 36 million Twitter Users have an average income of $50,000 to $99,999
  • About 10 million Twitter Users have an average income of $100,000+
  • About 19,000,000 are younger than age 25
  • About 26,000,000 are age 25-34
  • About 24,000,000 are age 35-44
  • About 40,000,000 are age 45+
  • The average Twitter User has 115 followers.
  • 37% of Twitter Users will purchase from a brand they follow
  • The average Twitter User spend 89 minutes a month on Twitter
  • 40% of Twitter Users rarely post anything, but primarily consume content there.

People follow Businesses on Twitter for…

  • Customer Service
  • Learn about related topics
  • Company News
  • Exclusive Content
  • Updates (and upcoming sales)
  • Entertainment
  • Free Stuff
  • Discounts & Promos

Social Media Psychology and Brand Engagement

  • 79% of Users are more likely to recommend brands that they follow
  • 69% of Users follow others based on recommendations from friends
  • 77% of online shoppers use reviews to make purchase decisions
  • 50% of shoppers have made purchase decisions based on a recommendation on a social network

Tips for Optimizing your Twitter Efforts

  • The best time to post content on Twitter are around the noon hour and between 5-6pm
  • Twitter engagement rates for brands have been found to be 17% higher on Saturdays and Sundays compared to weekdays, however other data suggests Wednesdays for B2B and, Mondays and Wednesday B2C.
  • If you are B2B include hashtags in your tweets. B2B tweets that contain hashtags have been found to have 193% more clicks -vs- 82% fewer clicks for B2C tweets with hashtags.
  • Keep your tweets under 15 words to have maximum click-through-rates. 11-15 words is ideal for B2B, and 1-5 is ideal for B2C.
  • Try to avoid using question marks in your tweets – it has been found that tweets receive 39% – 52% less clicks when they include a question mark.
  • If it’s in your budget, consider using Twitter’s promoted products. Twitter offers promoted Tweets and where you pay for either engagement or new followers, depending on what promoted product you are using.

Twitter versus the Big 4 for Small Business

  • Twitters comes second only to Facebook when it comes to small business social efforts. Twitter Users are 5X’s more likely to share stories to their profiles than Facebook Users
  • 50% of Users are on LinkedIn and are much less likely to share stories than Twitter Users
  • 29% of Small Businesses are on Pinterest. Despite Pinterest’s astronomical growth, Twitter remains ahead of Pinterest in referral traffic to websites.
  • Only 32% of Small Businesses are on Google+ and Twitter Users are 33% more active than Users on Google+

70% of Small Businesses are on Twitter… Are You?

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