Internet Marketing Tips; Put your brand into words, write a Mission Statement

Internet Marketing Tips; A mission statement is a 
summary of your products/services, a statement of 
what makes your product unique and it's benefits.

Internet Marketing Tip: Write a Mission Statement putting your brand into words.

A mission statement is a summary of your products or services, a statement of who your customer is, what makes your product or service unique and what in it for your customer. Write a response to each of the statements below, and then combine them in a cohesive mission statement.

1. What products or services you provide?

This part of your mission statement will provide your prospects and client with information about your products and services. Keep it short and simple, at the same time use descriptive words that let your prospect and client know exactly what you are selling.

2. Who do you serve?

Include a phrase that describes exactly the prospect or client that you serve. If your client is located in a specific geographic location, name that location. If you serve a specific age group, say like 55 and up, you could state that you provide a product or service for ‘seniors’.

3. How are you unique?

Add a sentence that explains what makes your product or service different from your competitors. What sets you apart from the competition.

4. What benefits can you promise?

What benefit does your product or service provide that your competition does not provide? In other words, ‘what’s in it’ (that’s different) for your prospect or client.

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