My Journey from Employee to Business Owner

My journey from employee to business owner was filled with unexpected twists and turns. In my twenties I owned my own fashion design and tailoring business …and then I was confronted my first recession.

My business dwindled down to nothing. I was devastated. I gave up and found employment in management; first in retail, then human resources.

I opened a temp service for an international firm.and worked in human resources for 9 years. In 1996 I started running the family construction company… til the recession of 2008-2009.

Again the business dwindled down to almost nothing… and again we lost almost everything. This time I made the discovery that the ‘old school’ marketing techniques were not nearly as effective as they once were. So I decided to learn internet marketing.

For the next couple of years I learned SEO, website design and development, social media marketing, and location-based marketing. In the process I learned that what I excel at is problem solving, and learning programs.

Today I make a great living working as a Marketing Specialist and Virtual Assistant. Lesson Learned: Business owners must have faith in their dreams and the abilities. So that, without hesitation, they can adjust their strategy to stay in the game.

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