Real Estate Marketing Idea; Blog vs Website

Let’s just be clear from the get-go…a blog is a type of website (and an easy marketing tool).

A website is any site that you visit online that has a URL and allows you to view the content. Basically that is everything on the internet.

In fact, all of the social networking sites that you belong to are your websites; facebook, twitter, linkedin, plaxo, youtube… your personal pages within each of these sites are your website. I’ll bet you didn’t realize you had so many websites – huh?

When small business owners, and real estate agents, looking for a marketing idea that works ask the question – “Which is better, a blog or a website?” – they are referring to what is usually called a ‘static (or normal) website’.

A static website is generally set up with a ‘HOME’ page (a.k.a Tier 1), usually describes the site concept, and hopefully links to the Tier 2 and Tier 3 pages (also known as layers).

Webmasters for a static website are always busy adding new content pages, sometimes thousands of pages-several layers deep. Not only does a static website frustrate the search engine spiders, human visitors are going to have a hard time finding that new content.

However, a static website is an absolute necessity for a big business; think of large organizations, i.e. governments, international corporations, non-profit organizations, real estate companies, etc.

Blogs, on the other hand, usually are set up so that the visitor can read the newest content at the top of the page, which makes them a great marketing idea. Over the years, the look and feel of blog marketing has morphed, and these days, blogs resemble a static website in that the webmaster can add thousands of features including; search bars, RSS feeds, tag clouds, widgets, etc.

Better yet, marketing with a blog is simple and doesn’t require programming knowledge. With just a few hours of coaching, or the help up a ‘Dummies’ book…even a newbie can be blogging and promoting with this real estate marketing idea effectively within a week or so.

Blog marketing is a Best Real Estate Marketing Idea. Start by using the blog CMS as the foundation, add the bells and whistles and be sure to add static pages of relevant information that answers the questions – who, what, when, where, why, and of course contact information.

Why is blog marketing better than a normal website?

  • Blogs are the simplest and quickest way to market your business and get your online message noticed
  • Due to the dynamic nature of a blogblogs get indexed by search engines quicker and more often than static websites
  • SEO is easier on a blog due to the fact that every time a blog is published, the search engines are automatically pinged.
  • Blog marketing builds credibility faster than a static website due to the fact that the blogger is always adding new, relevant content.
  • It is less expensive to set up and maintain a blog rather than a static website.

These days blog marketing means either; one-and-the-same as a static website, or, go hand-in-hand with a website. Today’s blog can be set up to look just like a standard static website-yet have the functionality and SEO capabilities of a blog. For Real Estate Agents and small business owner, a blog marketing is an important marketing idea.

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