Internet Marketing Tips; 5 Keys to a Great Blog

Internet marketing tips: A well-constructed blog 
includes 5 key elements; a title, well written content, 
in-text links, multimedia and call-to-action.

There have been literally thousands of articles written about blog content for the internet and if your goal is marketing, it comes down to this tip: write a well-constructed article that includes the following key elements that will drive traffic to your website… and then convert that traffic to leads.

Internet Marketing Tip: A blog title that grabs attention

  • The title is the first thing that people will see, so it should clearly indicate what the content is about, and it should grab people’s attention.

  • Your page title should include internet marketing keywords for SEO purposes

  • An important tip, your title should be clear and precise to attract internet readers and prompt them to share your post at their social networking sites.

Internet Marketing Tip: The blog content should be well written & formatted

  • The body of your blog content should be well written and formatted in such a manner that it is easy to read.

  • Spend some time proof reading your blog, checking for spelling and grammar errors before you publish on the internet.

  • Add heading tags and bullet points to break the marketing content into sections… making it easier to read.

  • An easy tip; ask a friend to review the post before you publish it.

Internet Marketing Tip: Add multimedia to blog content

  • Adding images to blog content will not only make it pleasing to the eye, images give the reader a visual clue as to what the article is about, thus increasing their interest.

  • You should add at least one relevant multimedia image per blog post. Pictures, videos, info-graphics, graphs, slideshow presentations and maps are examples of multimedia content.

Internet Marketing Tip: Add in-text links to your blog content

  • Include in-text links to relevant blog content, your own internal articles and articles from other high ranking sites, and only if the links benefit the reader.

  • Links to relevant blog content on the internet will help your readers dig deeper into the resources they are interested in. Another marketing tip; In-text links can also point to your landing pages to help you generate more leads.

Internet Marketing Tip: Include a call-to-action in your blog content

  • Every article that you publish on the internet should include a relevant call-to-action.

  • A call-to-action is a marketing tool that helps boost lead generation by inviting your reader to share their contact information in exchange for a valuable product

  • Call to action tips; you could offer a blog content subscription, an eBook, a 5-Step Guide, a series of training videos, etc.

If you include each of the 5 Great Keys to Writing Blog Content listed above, not only will your search engine rankings increase, you will be converting those visitors into leads. And after all, that is what internet marketing tips is all about.

Thank you for reading these Internet Marketing Tips. We look forward to your questions and comments, feel free to add your thoughts in the box below.

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