Internet Marketing Tips; Blog to establish your expertise

Internet Marketing Tips; Business blogs can 
establish expertise in the industry - if you 
blog about solutions your business has to offer.

Most business blogs start with a purpose – establishing your expertise in the industry.  The blogs should not be about your product, so much as the solutions, your product or services offer to tackle these challenges.

Internet Marketing Tip; Use keywords in a blog from your keyword research

Think about how you could use each of those keywords in a blog. You might even divide your keywords into categories… thinks in terms of chapters in a book. Then write a series of blogs that are related to each other… sort of like the chapters in a book.

Getting started, it’s always a good idea to just stream thoughts while you are writing. Just write down what you are thinking, then when you have written a couple of pages of text, go back and edit; add SEO, create paragraphs, add images, etc. And, finally, create a catchy title.

Internet Marketing Tips; 10 Blogging Ideas

1. Keep an eye on your local newspaper, summarize and give your own opinion about a news article.

2. Check out the questions posed on Quora, what questions are generating conversations around your product, service or industry.

3. Keep an eye on what are people telling you or your competitors they want to know at social media

4. Write 10 articles with answers to the top 10 questions your clients ask you.

5. Write about how a new law or political development affects your product, service or industry.

6. Compile a list of articles that your target market will find useful; upcoming community events, videos, websites, resources, as long as you are not sharing your competitors’ websites.

7. Compile a list of industry news articles, with a short summary and link to the website.

8. Write about a problem in your industry and how your product or service addresses this problem differently.

9. Share case studies, show how your customers benefited from your products or services.

10. Blog about your participation in industry or trade events.

Whatever you decide to blog about, it’s important to blog at least once a week. If the search engines get a hint of new content (and they will if you are sharing at your social networking sites), they will visit your website and send you traffic, giving you the opportunity to convert traffic into leads. Remember to let your expertise and passion shine through your blog content.

Thank you for reading these Internet Marketing Tips. We look forward to your questions and comments, feel free to add your thoughts in the box below.

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