Internet Marketing Tips; Blogging is a powerful business marketing tool

Internet Marketing Tips; The goal of a business blog is to provide 
relevant non-promotional content AND adds a dynamic element to the 
standard website.

The standard website is considered a static online brochure.

The problem with a standard static website is that most owners believe that “if you build it, they will come”.

However, if you are trying to promote your business on the internet, and you are not providing the search engines with regular fresh content, they will NOT come.

Internet Marketing Tip: Adding a blog adds a dynamic element to the standard website.

When you publish a new article/blog at a website, the search engines take note that there is new content and send the spider bots to go in to index it. The more often you publish content, the higher your website will rank at the search engines. And higher rankings mean new visitors and leads for your business.

If you go one step further and link to your new article/blog at social networking sites, the search engines will index your content quicker. The more people share your content with their friends… the more inbound links there are pointing at your website. And, this is a good thing for your website.

Internet Marketing Tip: The goal of a business blog is to publish valuable and non-promotional information.

Think in terms of an industry magazine. You want to avoid using industry jargon that only people in the industry understand, instead, you need to use words that your customers use to describe your business.

Make sure your blog is an integral part of your business website, not at a separate location. This can actually be accomplished using a free website platform;,,, etc.

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