Internet Marketing Ideas; Building a Brand; Steps 5, 6

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Step 5. – Designing your Logo

A logo is the graphic design that conveys your brand name and character in your marketplace. The best logos are unique, simple, and strong representations of your brand. Your logo is the face of your organization.

Keep it simple. It needs to be recognizable on your business card, brochure, website, letterhead, vehicle signage… even company uniforms.

A wordmark turns your band name into your logo by presenting it in a unique type style, often with an artistic element that adds flair. Should be easy to read and distinctive.

A lettermark turns the company’s initial(s) into a brand symbol. This is good if you feel your name is too long.

Brandmark or symbol, as in the Apple, Nike Swoosh, Mercedes, Red Cross, Circle K, Target. A brandmark should be a representation of the business name, offering or promise.

Design Elements
Font or typestyle – that matches the character of your brand.

Color scheme – Establish a color scheme that differs from the color scheme of your competitors. If your brand is professional, choose colors that are subdued and cool, blues, greens, grays. If your brand is more lively, choose colors that are energetic; yellow, red, orange.

Shapes and sizes – Keep in mind that your logo has to fit on a business card, so keep the elements simple.

Putting your logo to work

Apply it consistently to every communication that carries your name into the marketplace; business cards, brochures, website, presentation handouts, letterheads… even social media.
Your logo should appear exactly the same every time it is reproduced – no exceptions.

Step 6. – Creating a Tagline

  • Great taglines have common attributes;
  • It’s memorable, easy to remember
  • It’s short, as few as 10 syllables
  • Easy to tuck alongside logos and short enough to add to a voicemail greeting
  • It conveys what makes your brand different; “We try harder”, “Your hometown Realtor”, “Pepsi, the next generation”
  • It doesn’t work when linked to a competitor’s brand name
  • It reflects the brand’s identity, character promise and personality.
  • It’s believable and original.
  • It invokes positive feelings
  • ***It adds meaning to the brand name without repeating any of the same words or concepts

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