Internet Marketing Tips; Add a snippet to your email

Internet Marketing Tips; Adding a snippet to the top 
end of your email may make a difference when your 
audience is deciding whether to open your email.

Did you know that your From and Subject lines are not the only tools you have to convince your audience to open your email messages? Many email programs also display a short preview of whatever text they find at the top of your email… commonly known as a snippet, I like to think of it as a teaser. The snippet might just provide that extra push to get your audience to open and read your marketing email

However, if your email account or email marketing platform does not have a snippet or teaser field, there are a couple of things you can do to imitate a snippet.

Internet Marketing Tip: Add snippet to the first line in your email content.

If there is no snippet field, the first line of text in your email will most likely display after your subject in the inbox. So just before the salutation, type in a teaser sentence and choose your words carefully. Keep in mind that those words will act as an introduction to your content. You don’t want to repeat your Subject Line, you want to enhance with what your audience can expect if they open your marketing email. How much of your snippet will show on your audience’s screen depends on the reader’s screen size, so get the important words to the front of the line.

Internet Marketing Tip: Add Snippets behind your Image

Your message may be designed with a logo, header or other image at the top. These won’t show in a your audience’s inbox, but if you add the alt text behind the image, some programs will show the alt text instead. For this reason it’s a good idea to write the alt text in such a way that it will pick up where your subject leaves off and just in case stand in for the picture.

Internet Marketing Tip: Add an invisible snippet

Say you want your snippet to disappear once the email is opened… Just type in your text, then render it invisible by changing the color of the text, matching it to the background color.

It’s a good idea to take advantage of the extra space (after the Subject Line) in your marketing emails. If your email platform provides you with a snippet/teaser field… use it! If not – you can add a snippet in the content above the salutation, just remember to front load it with important words that will get your audience to open your email.

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