Internet Marketing Tips; Give audience a sneak peak in the email Preview Pane

Internet Marketing Tip: Focus on the 250x250 pixels in the 
upper left-hand of your email design due to the numerous 
configurations of a Preview Panel.

What if you could gain the attention of over half of your audience with a simple design change? If you take into account the Preview Pane – you can. Just in case you don’t know… the preview pane is the part of the inbox (for some email clients) that lets users get a sneak peek at part of their emails to decide whether or not to open them.

About 53% of your B2C (business to consumer) audience see your emails in a preview pane, while about 80% of B2B (business to business) audience see your emails in a preview pane first before they open your email.

If the preview page doesn’t entice your audience to open the email, they will simply ignore it, or send it to the trash. Don’t let that happen, simply focus on getting a good portion of your message int the 250 x 250 pixel section in the upper left corner of your email.

Some preview panes show a horizontal strip of your email, while others display a vertical strip. To accommodate both the horizontal AND the vertical, just fill that top left hand portion of your email with things that will grab your audience’s attention.

Be sure to include:

  • Your logo, company name or company branding information
  • Pre-header text, a teaser that hooks your audience, inviting an open
  • A table of contents, or links to your website makes it easy for your visitor to access your website
  • A call to action will let your audience take action quickly.

What to avoid when designing a Preview Pane

  • Large headers or images, large headers may take too long to load, and images may be turned off.
  • Too many navigation or menu links can get in the way of more compelling items
  • Advertisements invite your audience to click through to the advertisers site instead of your own.

If you think carefully about the content you put at the top left of your email, you may be able to engage a bigger portion of your audience to open the email in order to see more of your message and what you have to offer. An added advantage of focusing on this 250 x 250 pixels space – your email will be more mobile friendly as well

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