Internet Marketing Tips; Add pictures with descriptions and proper resolution

Internet Marketing Tips; Add one picture, or image, 
to your webpage with title, ALT text and description. 
Edit size of picture before you upload it.

Add at least one picture, or image, to your web page with appropriate title, ALT text and description, and edit the size (number of pixels) before you upload a picture or image.

#94. Internet Marketing Tip; Give each of your pictures (or images) a name that promotes your website and/or product

When your goal is internet marketing, name each of your pictures, or images separately, especially if you have lots of pictures. Another tip; make sure that every image is named to promote the website and the article (and/or product) to Google rather than just offering a random alphanumeric file name.

If you have 100’s of photos, it not only makes it easier for you to find your own pictures in the files if they each have a specific name, but also helps with SEO. The text that makes up the image is adding to the number of keywords found on your page. So it is always a good idea to take the minimal amount of extra time it takes to name each image file correctly.

#95. Internet Marketing Tips; Before publishing a webpage, use your main keyword in the title, the URL and at least 2% in the content.

If you’ve optimized your webpage properly, you have mentioned the main webpage keyword at least a couple of times per 100 words in your content, in the page title and URL. If you add your keyword to the image title, ALT text, and description, you are reinforcing that main webpage keyword to the spider-bots, and this can be SEO magic.

For instance: If I were to name a picture of my logo –  image1.jpg, I am not getting any SEO benefits. But if I name my picture: Lynn-Albro-internet-marketing-coach-logo reinforces my brand, my products and my purpose.

#96. Internet Marketing Tip; Be sure to correct the picture resolution before uploading it to your webpage.

Beyond the image title, ALT text and image description, it is always a good idea to correct the size of the image before you upload the file. If you upload a file that is 2500 pixels wide, not only will it be slow to load (which affects your SEO indexing), but it may also be distorted… maybe even pixelated, when it is re-sized on the webpage to only 250 pixels wide.

So take the time to edit the size of your picture with whatever image editing software is available on your computer before you upload it to your webpage. This action will not only shorten the time it takes to load your webpage, but it will also improve your visitors experience.


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