Internet Marketing Tips; Present website to search engines and directories

Internet Marketing Tip; Present your website to the 
Google, Bing and Yahoo, then hand deliver it to web 
directories to give it an important edge.

Launching a website and expecting to be found (automatically) by prospects and customers is just not realistic.There are literally billions of websites on the World Wide Web, and at least a million new websites added each month… so how do you get noticed and indexed by the search engines?

You can wait, and wait, and wait… or you can announce your arrival to the Search Engines!

#91. Internet Marketing Tip; Invite the Search Engines to crawl your website. It’s easy, go to Google, Yahoo, and Bing, fill in the blanks.

Another good idea is to present your new website to a couple hundred high ranking web directories. This is tedious work, but worth the effort in the long run. Directories differ from search engines in that they are compiled by people rather than search engine spider-bots.

#92. Internet Marketing Tip; Getting listed at Web directories can give your website an edge

When it comes to internet marketing, web directory listings will sometimes give your website an important edge. There are at least 3 ways that a web directory listing can promote your website:

You get visitors clicking through to your website from the directory

Another tip; Being listed at a directory provides even more opportunities for spider-bots to find your website and index it in their search engines

Directory listings provide a quality inbound link to your website, which helps with your SEO.

#93. Internet Marketing Tips; Get your website listed in web directories

Another internet marketing tip; it is best to hand deliver your website to the web directories, and add a description (when permitted) that is keyword rich. DMOZ, the directory that Google uses, is a volunteer-run directory, and while it is free it sometimes takes a long time before the volunteers get around to updating the categories… sometimes months – so patience is important.

There are literally 1000’s of directories on the internet, some general and some industry specific. Some are free and others require payment. In my experience, it is not a good idea to pay for a web directory listing, the search engines don’t like it.

Here are a list of 25 web directories to get you started:

  1. Open Directory Project (DMOZ)
  2. The DAILY Submit – WEB Directory – Lifetime Listings
  4. Website Directory
  5. A1 Web Directory
  6. Free Web Directory
  7. Business and Website Directory
  8. Link Back Directory
  9. ESG Site Directory
  11. Open Directory
  12. eDom Free Web Directory
  13. LinksLive – Business Web Directory
  14. Web Links Directory
  15. The A-Z Directory
  16. Global Directory For Business And Professional
  17. PR8 Directory
  18. Free To Submit Web Directory
  19. Best Linkz Web Directory
  20. Dir4internet Free Web Directory
  21. Web Directory One
  22. Free Web Directory
  23. Free Web Directory
  24. CrazyLeaf Directory
  25. Directory WebSites


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