Internet Marketing Tips; Boost an offer with numbers and news

Internet Marketing Tips; Boost the effectiveness of an 
Offer by providing proof in numbers or leveraging 
whatever is the hottest news or craze.

We all copy one another, even without realizing it. We like to be socially acceptable, so when we notice our social circle is doing one thing, we tend to follow. One great way to make an offer more valuable is to show that other people are participating in that offer.

#159. Internet Marketing Tip: Boost an Offer – Show Proof in the Numbers

When possible, a great way to indicate how awesome an offer is to mention the number of people who have purchased, downloaded, signed up, or donated.

Some examples include:

  • When promoting a webinar, state  that more than 400 people ave signed up
  • When promoting a blog subscription you could say… join the 100’s of people that have already subscribed.*

*Just make sure that your claims are true and believable.

#160. Internet Marketing Tip: Boost an Offer – Leverage breaking news

Example – Think back to when the Pinterest buzz started in early 2012. Very early on, many of the internet marketing gurus started offering free webinars, free ebooks, blogging and even offering information products to buy that promised training on the subject – “How to Market in Pinterest”.

When something is buzz-worthy, it creates high demand, and if you can piggy-back on that demand, you have an offer that will get click-throughs AND leads.

In other words, if you can be the first company to provide the product or service that is related to something that is newsworthy, you are leveraging a hot news item, creating a high demand for your product.

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