Internet Marketing Tips; A sense of scarcity boosts lead generation

Internet Marketing Tips; Boost a lead generating campaign 
with a sense of scarcity and/or a sense of urgency, and 
add value with a discount.

Ultimately, the goal of a lead generating campaign is to get people to say yes to your offers. And, in order for an offer to be irresistible it needs to be scarce, exclusive or in high demand. Whatever your offer, be it whitepapers, eBooks, sales promotions, free trials or memberships – an irresistible offer can overcome a prospects doubt or concern.

So how do you create the element of scarcity? Think in terms of  ‘supply and demand’, when the supply is limited the demand goes up. If you can convey a fear of shortage, you create a sense of urgency.

#156. Internet Marketing Tip; Boost lead generation with Limited Quantity Offers

Limited quantity offers are all about a sense of scarcity. Think about the Black Friday offers… products are offered at tremendous savings along with the statement – “While quantities last.” So we all get out of bed and stand in the freezing cold for a couple of hours in order to purchase the latest electronic gadget for a Christmas present.

#157. Internet Marketing Tip; Boost lead generation with Limited Time Offers

Limited time offers are usually predicated by the statement, “For a limited time only…”.  These sort of offers imply that the price of an offer is going up after a short period of time, thus creating a sense of urgency. And you want to create a sense of urgency so that people act quickly.

#158. Internet Marketing Tip; Limited Time AND Limited Quantity Offers are a powerful combination

Together, limited time and limited quantity offers are a powerful combination. Offer a product or service, available within a certain time frame, to a limited number of people and you have established scarcity and a sense of urgency. On top of that if you offer that product or service at a discount, you have added great value.

Create lead generation offers keeping in mind the psychological elements of scarcity, urgency and added value. Your prospects will respond to Limited Quantity, Limited Time and Discounted Offers… in part or in combination.

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