Internet Marketing Tips; For better market engagement, maintain Google+ Circles

Internet Marketing Tips; At Google+ create and 
maintain circles, move your friends, prospects, 
clients, colleagues (etc.), into corresponding circles.

Back when I set up my Facebook Profile, they didn’t have Lists, and when they added Lists (similar to Google+ Circles) I had so many friends that it was very hard to get them into lists. Now it looks like they don’t have Lists anymore. On the other hand, Google+ provided a circle system from day one.

Internet Marketing Tip; Google+ circles help you share the right things with the right people.

According to Google Support:

Using circles allow you to:

  • Share jokes and secrets with your Best Friends circle
  • Put your most professional side forward when you post to your Work circle.
  • Show your team spirit with posts to your Sports fanatics circle

With Circles, people see all of the content you want them to, and none of the content you don’t.

When you add people to a circle, you have chosen to follow them and opted to receive any public posts they’ve shared. And, if they choose to follow you back and add you to one of their circles, you can see whatever posts they share with the circle they have designated you to.

Just because you’ve circled someone doesn’t mean they’ll see your posts… even if you mention them in a post. The act of circling someone simply means that you’ve chosen to add them as people you follow… it doesn’t mean you have opened a two way conversation with them.

If someone circles you back you should get a notification. And to find the notifications all you have to do is click on the ‘bell icon’ (next to your picture in upper right hand corner) whenever you are in a google product.  Or, you can click on the HOME tab in the upper left hand corner when you are in Google+, and in the drop-down click on People and then in the middle of the gray bar, click on ‘Have you in circles’.

Notifications is a handy place to decide whether or not you are going to circle people back. It is not required that you reciprocate and circle back everyone who chooses to circle you, it’s a personal preference. In fact, the most work you will do in Google+ is the organization of people you choose to circle.

Internet Marketing Tip: Create Google+ circles, give them names, and organize the people you choose to follow.

A good idea is to give some thought ahead of time as to what names you want to apply to your circles. Google offers a few default names including: friends, family, acquaintances, and following. I added a few that work for my marketing efforts; Realtors, Marketing, Colleagues, SEO, Top Engagers, etc.

All you have to do is hover over a person’s picture in Notifications, click on Add, and choose  from either the existing circles, or Create New Circle. Or, hover over Home on the left hand side of the screen and in the drop-down choose People, and then choose Find People.

To edit the people in your circles, just click on Have You in Circles, click on the Green Circles button and add (or delete) them from one of your circles.

The point is that you can name your circles what ever you want, and organize those circles at will. More important, you have full control of who sees your posts. You can choose to share family photos just with family, and you can share industry news just with colleagues. Google+ not only makes it easy to social network, they also make it fun.

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