Internet Marketing Tips: Build business value by connecting and promoting others

Internet Marketing Tips: Build business value by 
connecting and promoting others, and providing 
relevant information without expecting reciprocation.

“The founder of and Apple’s former chief evangelist, Guy Kawasaki, says the most effective way to grow your followers fast is to collect and share great content.”

In fact, there is great value when you help others make connections, build business relationships and provide relevant, helpful information without asking for something in return.

Internet Marketing Tip: Helping people make strategic connections even when there is no immediate value to you is a skill worth acquiring.

You can do this in several ways:

  • Share content created by people with smaller audiences
  • Introduce people to each other that might benefit in some way from the connection Share other people’s products and services that are remarkable and relevant to your audience

Instead of asking the question – “What’s in it for me?”, consider, “What can I do for others that will benefit and promote them in some way?”

If carried out diligently, the long term result will be:

  • Admiration and recognition from colleagues and people in your communities
  • People will share more of your content
  • People are more likely to engage with you and your social networking posts

Internet Marketing Tip: Social networking isn’t about getting the most friends, followers and connection, and, then screaming out products and promotions at them

Instead it is a way to:

  • Attract and educate prospective buyers
  • Engage with prospects and customers
  • Promote events and products (sparingly)
  • Build business relationships and establish trust

Remember the old saying, ‘treat others as you wish to be treated’… well, this is just one example of how that can work to your advantage in business.

If you promote other people’s businesses, if you enable people to connect with other people that will benefit their businesses and if you provide relevant and helpful information to your friends, followers and connections, all of that goodwill will come back to benefit your business.

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