Internet marketing Tips; Improve Landing Page Conversion using Analytics

Internet Marketing Tips; Increase the quantity of 
Offers available and optimize those Offers based 
on the conversion rates found in the analytics.

“Studies show that companies with 30 or more landing pages generate 7 times more leads with those with fewer than 10.” *Courtesy of Hubspot’s ‘Unlock the ROI of your Marketing with Analytics’

#194. Internet Marketing Tip: Increase the quantity of Offers you create based on Analytics.

According to the analytics – What content works and what doesn’t?

If your goal is to increase the number of leads in your contact lists by converting them to clients, try focusing on the quantity of landing pages you have available. Start by analyzing which of your Offers generates the most clients, then create more Offers along the same lines as the successful ones.

#195. Internet Marketing Tip: Analyze your existing Landing Pages to achieve the optimum goal of generating clients.

  • What is the bounce rate on your landing page?
  • Does the CTA align with the content on the landing page?
  • Does the landing page align with the content on the page preceding the CTA?
  • How many people who saw your CTA actually filled out the contact form?
  • Will visitor be able to understand what to do on your landing page within 3 seconds?
  • Are you distracting your visitor with too much ‘stuff’?

#196. Internet Marketing Tips; Best Practices for a Landing Page

(and tweak your landing page accordingly).

  • Make sure that the content copy between your call-to-action and landing page is consistent.
  • Make sure that in 3 seconds will your visitor know exactly what your Offer is and what steps to take to get the Offer.
  • Remove the navigation and any other content that might detract your visitor from completing the desired action.
  • Optimize your landing page elements through A/B testing.
  • Analyze what keywords and related content are driving traffic to your website, provide Offers to meet those needs.
  • Make sure that the content ‘above the fold’ can convert a visitor to a lead.
  • Demonstrate value, your page should clearly explain the benefits of your Offer.

Take the time to review your conversion rate analytics, increase the number of Offers available based on those results and tweak your existing Offers according to what’s working and what’s not. Keep in mind that all Offers have a shelf life and when you note that the effectiveness of an a landing page is waning, than tweak it or replace it.

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