Internet Marketing Tips: Optimize Lead Nurturing Campaigns

Internet Marketing Tips; Optimize a lead nurturing 
campaign; keep it simple, relevant and compelling, 
then measure results to improve performance.

Once you have your lead nurturing campaign created, its time to start using it. Kick it off by sending an invitation to your existing email contacts, then keep an eye on your statistics; open, click through, opt-out and conversion rates. Based on this data, you will want to improve the program by tweaking emails and offers that are not performing well, and testing new content.

#148. Internet Marketing Tips; Techniques to optimize a lead capturing campaign

Personalize your Voice – Send your emails as a real person, use your name. Make sure that your ‘reply-to’ address is really you as well. Send emails to your recipient’s first name. Write emails that are authentic, be human and approachable.

Keep it Short – It’s probably best to send emails in plain text, don’t worry about custom html, fonts or images. Your prospect should be able to glance at your email and know the value it will provide for them. It’s important to send messages that are quick and to the point.

Timing is Important – Emailing someone every day for a month is never a good idea, and it’s a fast way to get marked as SPAM or Unsubscribe. On the other end of the spectrum, you shouldn’t wait for six months after the prospect opted in to nurture them.

Use Closely Related Content – Make sure that you label your lists or groups so that you know why you have their email address. What was the subject that your contact opted-in for.

Always include a Call-to-Action. What people click on indicates what they want to learn more about. Include this call-to-action in the first paragraph since people don’t have time to read long drawn out emails. Keep it short and sweet… tell them what you want up front.

Write Compelling Subject Lines – Write a clear and direct subject line that gets their attention fast and creates a sense of urgency. Make sure that the most compelling part of your message is visible in the email inbox, 80 – 140 characters.

Add share buttons – Make it easy for people to share your emails, make sure to include hyper-linked social media share buttons or icons.

#149. Internet Marketing Tips; Measure your lead capturing campaigns

In order to improve the performance of your lead nurturing campaigns, you need to be taking a good look at the statistics…

  • Who is opening what campaigns
  • What types of campaigns get the most opens
  • Pay attention to your Click-Through-Rates, what type of content are people clicking through to
  • People will click through to content that they need to know more about, or they won’t click through if they are already familiar with the content
  • Are people sharing your email content through social media
  • What is your conversion rate? Are people filling out an offer form or purchasing a product?
  • What is your Unsubscribe rate? The unsubscribe rate should be less than 1% for a good campaign.

Based on the email campaign statistics, you will want to improve your lead nurturing campaign by removing emails and offers that are not performing well, and testing new content.

Thank you for taking the time to read  this internet marketing tip on optimizing your lead nurturing campaigns. Feel free to comment below, we look forward to your questions or concerns.

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