Internet Marketing Tips; Sales Funnel, leads converted to clients

Internet Marketing Tips; The purpose of a sales funnel 
is building trust through relevant, qualifying content 
that converts leads into clients.

The purpose of lead nurturing is to draw prospects go through the sales funnel from potentially interested, to informed prospects, to interested prospects, to highly interested prospects and finally the back end –  customer status! This is where your clients become raving fans, purchase big ticket items or services and refer prospects to you.

#150. Internet Marketing Tip; The primary job of lead nurturing is building trust.

The big difference between the top end and the back end is the trust built between you and the prospect. People In the pipeline have already been through your top end, sampled your free materials and have enjoyed significant value from what you have to offer, so much so,that they are eager to buy from you.

The main idea behind the sales funnel is to qualify prospects and in the process find people ready to buy your product or service. It is important to realize that you won’t have nearly as many people reaching your back end as you do entering the top end of the sales funnel. In fact, you can expect a 25% attrition rate – people opting out of your sales funnel.

#151. Internet Marketing Tip: The goal is a constant flow of new leads

If you are constantly getting prospects to opt-in at your top end, it’s more likely that your back end of the Sales Funnel is the core profit center for your business because it is stable and predictable.

If you knew, with relative consistency, that for every 100 people that opt-in to your top end, two of them will make it all the way through the Sales Funnel to buy your products or services. If your back end efforts convert at certain rates, then you can assume that if you increase your front end efforts, your back end sales with increase.

#152. Internet Marketing Tip; Expect at least a year to establish a Sales Funnel

It may take many months, even years, to fully establish a fully functioning Sales Funnel, however if a Sales Funnel is part of the ‘big picture’, it makes the process of building your business that much easier to understand and visualize.

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