Internet Marketing Tips; Set up a Sales Funnel to nurture leads

Internet Marketing Tips; Set up a Sales Funnel to 
nurture leads converting interested visitors to 
informed prospects and eventually to raving fans.

#126. Internet Marketing Tip: Nurture prospects with permission marketing, converting Potentially Interested into Informed Prospects in the Sales Funnel.

Technically, anybody that is in your sphere of influence is in the ‘Potentially Interested’ phase of your Sales Funnel, also known as the top end… friends, family, social media friends, followers, connections, group members, etc. Maybe they read your Facebook, LinkedIn, Google+ or Twitter posts, and maybe they have attended one of your presentations. The point is you have their attention.

You don’t necessarily need the permission of a Potential Interested prospect to continue marketing them by the following methods;

  • Direct Mail
  • Telemarketing
  • Sales calls face-to-face
  • Social Networking… etc.

However, when it comes to internet marketing, as long as you are providing information that they find valuable – you have their attention. An important tip: you need to move prospects from the  ‘Potentially Interested’ phase to the ‘Informed Prospects’ phase. So how do you accomplish this lead nurturing technique?

#127. Internet Marketing Tip: Set up the Informed Prospects phase of Sales Funnel with permission marketing.

Essentially what this means is – the prospect gives you permission (by opting-in) to contact them in the future (by email or direct mail), giving you a chance to provide even more valuable information to them. That is what the Informed Prospects phase of a Sales Funnel is all about!

Basically when someone opts-in, they give you permission to send information to them. So ideally, you get their email information so that you can continue to send these prospects relevant and valuable information electronically.

The process of getting people to opt-in requires continuous experimentation. There are literally endless ways establish Permission Marketing, limited only by your resources and imagination.

#128. Internet Marketing Tip; Set up multiple lead-capture systems at your blog, social networking sites, and local marketing

When an internet marketer offers you something of value in exchange for contact information (usually first name, last name and email address), they are permission marketing. When you opt-in to a lead-capture system you have given them permission contact you in a more direct manner, providing you with information that builds trust and leads to a purchase.

That ‘something of value’ might be:

  • Ebooks
  • Step-by-step guides
  • Newsletters
  • Blog subscriptions
  • Webinars
  • Podcasts… etc.

As the internet changes and evolves, new methods to market and capture leads surface thanks to advances and technology and ideas from internet entrepreneurs. In the old days leads were generated via methods like banners and newsletter advertising, which are still common today, but are now joined by more sophisticated options such as pay-per-click advertising, social media, blogging, podcasting, local marketing coupons, etc.

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