Internet Marketing Tips; Write a Brand Character Statement

Internet Marketing Tips: If your brand was human, 
how would you describe it; young, old, professional, fun? 
With brand character, consistency is key.

#123. Internet Marketing Tip: A brand character statement is the personality of your brand.

Just like people, some brands are old, some young, some serious, some fun, and some brands are even sexy.

If your brand was human and walked into the room, how would you describe it? Would it be reserved, fashionable, playful… maybe sophisticated. Keep your answer in mind as we move forward.

You’ll face a couple of problems if your brand is inconsistent:

Your brand character might be serious one time, and playful another. You could end up with a ‘crazy’ brand character as a result.

Or, your brand may be inconsistent. In other words, the brand experience people encounter when they come in contact with your business may be different than the one you present in marketing materials.

#124. Internet Marketing Tip; Your Brand Character Statement must be an accurate reflection of your business vision, mission, values and promise.

1. Review your vision statement and refocus on the highest aspirations of your business.
2. Review the top values you support
3. Review the promise you make in your marketplace
4. Based on your vision values and promise, write a one-sentence brand character statement.

“The Lynn Albro brand is professional yet practical, a trait reflected through brand expressions that are about cutting edge information and thoughtful insights.”

Whatever your brand character, it needs to be real. If you are older, it is pretty hard to be young and hip. If you are and attorney, it’s not a good idea to be flirty. If your goal is internet marketing, you have to be consistent; at your website, in marketing emails, with social media posts, etc.

#125. Your brand character needs to be consistent with all of the people (and media) that represent your brand; personnel, marketing materials, networking, etc.

Simply put, once you establish a brand character, you and your personnel need to make sure that all of your marketing materials and all of the places represent your brand has a presence are consistent. Just remember that your brand is a promise and if you don’t deliver on that promise consistently, you lose! All of the time you spent building relationships and trust no longer matter. That is how important your brand character is.

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