Internet Marketing Tips; Use Thank You Pages and Autoresponders for Engagement

Internet Marketing Tips: When a landing page visitor 
becomes a 'Lead', say Thank You and use the opportunity 
to further engage them with your business.

Okay, so your visitor had filled out the contact form in exchange for your Offer–it’s time to send them to a Thank-You page and access to your Offer.

#187. Internet Marketing Tip; When a visitor becomes a ‘Lead’, don’t forget to say Thank You.

There are three components of an effective Thank You; Access to your Offer, social media share links, and a secondary call-to-action.

  • First and foremost – say Thank You. After all, your visitor has just taken the time to complete your form in exchange for your Offer, say Thank You and deliver the goods… provide a means to download or view your content. If your offer is a free consultation, be sure to explain to your new ‘Lead’ when they can expect a phone call or an email.
  • A second component of a Thank You page is social media sharing links. Make sure that your share buttons link to your landing page, and not your Thank You page, otherwise your viewer will have access to your content without filling out your form and you will not be able to count them as a ‘Lead’. You may want to customize a social networking message so that the person sharing is clearly recommending downloading your content… making it more likely that they will do so. Try
  • The third thing that a Thank You page gives you an opportunity to accomplish is promotion of other Offers, and further engagement with your new ‘Lead’. Try adding strong calls-to-action, i.e. ‘Subscribe to this Blog’, ‘Connect with us on Facebook’, or ‘Contact us for a free Consultation’, etc. When a ‘Lead’ signs up for another Offer, they are indicating a stronger interest in your content, and the more engagement a lead has with your content, the stronger the ‘Lead’ and the more likely they are to convert from ‘Lead’ to ‘Client’.

#188. Internet Marketing Tip: After you have thanked a new ‘Lead’, further engage with an auto-responder email.

Finally, it’s a good idea to send an auto-responder email that your new ‘Lead’ receives in their inbox – immediately. This strategy serves as an additional way to follow up with your new leads and increase engagement by suggesting another offer they might appreciate.

The Thank You page and the auto-responder email will encourage further connection between you and your new ‘Lead’. Take advantage of these strategies to generate higher-quality leads that will be more likely to convert to clients for your business.

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