Internet Marketing Tips; 10 Landing Page Best Practices

Internet marketing tips: Landing Page Best Practices 
that are important considerations when presenting an 
Offer in exchange for contact information.

Landing Page Do’s

#185. Internet Marketing Tips: When setting up a landing page keep your message short, the elements congruent, segment to different lists and verify the facts.


  1. Do Keep your message short and (as much as you can) above the fold. Absolutely keep your primary message and your call-to-action above the fold. And, if your page does go long, be sure to repeat your call-to-action and core message at comfortable intervals throughout the landing page.
  2. Do keep all of the elements in your landing page congruent. In other words, ensure that all of the elements refer to and support your message. Look over the look and feel of the page, if there are elements that don’t directly support your goals, then rewrite them, or redesign it.
  3. Do Use Segmentation. You should have multiple lists… people that responded to this offer and people that responded to another offer. Create a landing page for each segment and drive traffic from separate places. Then you can measure which of your list segments responded more than others.
  4. Do use verifiable facts. If what you are promising isn’t true, than don’t say it… because the truth will come out and may result in devastating consequences.
  5. Do show a phone number. This tells your visitors that your are legitimate and a real person behind the offer.

Landing Page Don’ts

#186. Internet Marketing Tips; At a landing page don’t use gimmicks, bore visitors, put up barriers, make-up testimonials or forget about visitor privacy.

  1. Don’t use gimmicky sales tactics. Web surfers are so numb to the hype, so don’t use the phrases – BUY NOW, BEST DEAL EVER, LIMITED TIME OFFER. In fact, if you are providing amazing and relevant content, you won’t need to use these sales tactics, if your Offer is original and in demand… all you have to do is put it out there without the hype.
  2. Don’t bore people with stuff that doesn’t matter and just takes up space, get right to the point, no muss and no fuss. Remove the clutter and from time to time take a look at your offer to make sure that you don’t have too many messages or competing information.
  3. Don’t put up too many barriers to your valuable content. When you are giving something away for free, but asking for too many personal details in exchange… you are probably going to lose some of your visitors, the will go away and never come back. Keep the form fields to a minimum, even the one’s that aren’t required.
  4. Don’t forget the visitor’s privacy. Provide links to a Privacy Statement and/or Terms & Conditions… and add the statement – “We’ll never sell your email address” in your email form field.
  5. Don’t make up phony Testimonials and Endorsements. If they are real, they create trust on your landing page, however, if you make them up the ramifications can be disastrous.

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