Internet Marketing Tips; Write for spider-bots AND visitors

Internet Marketing Tips; Write webpages with 250+ 
words, focus on one keyword with a keyword density 
of 2 - 4%, for a higher search engine ranking.

Writing webpages  for search engines is an art form; a perfect balance between keeping written content readable for human visitors and keyword-rich for the search engines.

#97. Internet Marketing Tip;Write for the search engines with the goal of getting organic traffic

When internet marketing is the goal write for the search engines so that people looking for information on your product (or service) can easily find your website. Another tip is to write easy-to-read content that provides the information your visitors are seeking,  if you don’t, they may bounce out of your website.

#98. Internet Marketing Tip; Write for your visitor, providing relevant information as quickly and clearly as possible

People on the internet are on a mission to find as much information as quickly as possible about a product or service  they need because they want to make a decision. If they take the time to read your marketing webpages, they want to know from the get-go how they will benefit from buying your product or service.

Your job is to answer that question quickly and clearly within the first few sentences, or you will lose that visitor. If your visitors have to cut through the selfish copy, the fancy graphics and the clutter to find your value that no one else offers, they are going to leave your website and never come back.

#99. Internet Marketing Tips: Write for the search engines, focus on one keyword per webpage.

If it is possible on your site, you’ll want to create a separate and distinct page for every keyword you are interested in capturing. By optimizing each page for one keyword (or phrase) you are giving the search engine a clear indication that each page has a clear and distinct message. The result – each page at your website becomes a landing page and has it’s own rank.

When internet marketing, your webpages should have at least 250 words. Less than that and you are going to have a hard time maintaining a minimum keyword density. And, by providing approximately 250 words per page, you give your brand a better shot at making the search engines happy.

More importantly, an article with at least 250 words provides more information for the visitor, making them feel more comfortable about buying your product (or service). Relevant, informational content gives the consumer a sense of security while they are making a buying decision.

#100. Internet Marketing Tips; Update and add new content regularly to encourage spider-bot visits and higher ranking.

Update and add new content regularly… whenever and wherever you can. If the search engine spider sees new content every time it pays a visit, you’ll be rewarded with a higher ranking.

When internet marketing, write your webpages with at least 250 words, focus on just one keyword and maintain a keyword density of 2 – 4%. The result will be a higher search engine ranking, and a higher search engine ranking means more visitors and people reading your webpages.


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