Internet Marketing Tips; Carefully craft an elevator pitch

Internet Marketing Tips; An elevator pitch is a like 
a TV commercial, and perfecting it can be one of the 
most important things you do for business.

#101. Internet Marketing Tips: An elevator pitch is a short introduction to your business.

Whether you are at a Chamber mixer, doing a presentation or interacting on Facebook, perfecting your elevator pitch (aka 30-second sound bite) is one of most important internet marketing ideas you do for your business.

Think of an elevator pitch as a TV commercial, delivered by you. Someone has asked you for information about your business and you want to provide it as concisely as possible.

When people asked me what I do, I used to say – “I help small businesses establish their online presence”… and then I got asked a lot more questions. And, I tried to answer those questions, but it’s not easy to describe what I do as an internet marketer without people’s eyes glazing over.

Recently I decided it was time to re-think and re-write my elevator pitch in order to better describe what products and services I provide.

According to the SBA, there are three questions you need to answer when writing your elevator pitch:

1. “What is the problem or “pain” in the marketplace that your business addresses?”

The pain that my business addresses is ‘how to market on the internet, leveling the playing field between big business and small business owners.

2. “How does your business or its product solve this problem?

My business helps solve this problem a couple of ways; coaching and training courses, and hands-on premium services.

3. If you are developing an elevator pitch to help communicate your sales proposition, you should ask yourself: “What is the main benefit you give?”

The main benefit that I provide is a variety of short term and long term coaching products (and premium products), which gives small business owners the internet marketing tools they need to compete.

Keeping the answers to those questions in mind, I wrote a new elevator pitch:

“I help small business owners establish an internet marketing strategy in order to connect, engage and maintain prospect and client relationships for the long term.”

So take the time to write out your answers to the question listed above. Carefully craft your elevator pitch, keep it short and simple, leave out the technical words, jargon and industry slang. Then memorize it!

An elevator pitch is one of the only internet marketing tools that is absolutely free!

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