Real Estate Marketing Ideas; Multimedia Marketing-Podcasts, Videos and Webinars

Technically, the term multimedia refers to any marketing content that uses a combination of two media forms. In internet terms multimedia marketing refers to web content that goes beyond simple text and graphics – typically in the form of audio and/or video. Multimedia marketing is an important real estate marketing idea, and should be part of every small business owners internet marketing strategy.

Audio Marketing

Audio, a form of multimedia marketing,  is pretty much exclusively in the form of podcasts. A podcast is just an audio file that is syndicated via an RSS feed that you download and listen to with your computer or a portable device such as:MP3 players or smart phone.

Podcasting is becoming increasingly popular as a real estate marketing idea due to the fact that this multimedia marketing tool is portable and can be listened to while you are doing other things; driving, cooking dinner…even relaxing on the beach. In fact, it is estimated that there were 12.3 million podcast listeners during 2010.

Topics range from business to hobbies; even rants, raves and obsessions. The most successful podcasts offer a mix of news and information of interest to current and potential customers.

Think of podcasts as the online equivalent of radio shows, in fact podcasts sometimes ARE radio shows. Think of one or two people talking into a microphone for anywhere from 10 minutes to a half an hour.

Video Marketing

On the other hand web videos, another form of multimedia marketing, are the online equivalent of television. Prior to 2005 there weren’t many videos online due to the required bandwidth.

Then, YouTube was launched in 2005 as a video sharing community – where users could upload their own videos and watch videos uploaded by others—it was an immediate hit.

Today, it is more important than ever that you utilize video as part of your multimedia marketing strategy. Over 40% of consumers watch online videos on at least a weekly basis, and over 70%, at least monthly. For real estate agents, this marketing idea is extremely important and should be attached to every listing.

Adding video to a small business profile:

  • increases the number of business profile views more than 100%
  • increases the number of profile clicks more than 30%
  • increases the number of calls generated by more than 18%
  • Video also drive a wide range of customer actions:
  • increases the number of visits to the advertisers’ website by 55%
  • increases physical store visits by 30%
  • increases the instances of purchases by 24%

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Webinar Marketing

Webinars, a form of multimedia marketing, are the equivalent to a speaking engagement, presentation or seminar. Many businesses promoting themselves online offer a FREE webinar on a specific subject that establishes your expertise, giving your potential clients some really good information and a sample of the information you are able to provide for them.

Real Estate agents could use this marketing idea to establish their expertise in specific area; i.e. short sales, foreclosures, first time home buyers, deed in lieu of foreclosure, etc.

During a webinar, the presenter may use a slide presentation format for the visuals and add his/her voice via the phone or microphone. It is also possible to do phone conference calling so that all of the participants can add their voice to the presentation.

Webinars can be recorded and converted into to a video to be downloaded and listened to at a later date.

The most successful multimedia marketing, podcasts, videos and webinars, are those that deliver a subtle message while providing viewers with something useful or entertaining. In order for this marketing idea to work, real estate agents (and other small business owners) need to produce audios, videos and webinars that offer true value to their intended audience – potential clients.

Podcasts are like radio programs, similarly streamed to online listeners. Videos are like short commercials streamlined online. Webinars are a virtual seminar are also streamlined. Podcasts, videos and webinars should offer true value to your prospects and help personalize your company.

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