Real Estate Marketing Ideas; Niche Marketing

The cornerstone of building a dynamic website is a keyword research. This includes the research and choosing of  keywords with a high demand, and limited competition. Once those keywords are chosen, then the job of the website developer is to create  create the site concept and content around those keywords. This is called niche marketing, and niche marketing is an important real estate marketing idea.

The most important step in niche marketing is the website plan…

Build a website plan based on your keyword research and how those keywords relate to each other. Think in terms of a book;

  • Tier 1, the site concept and intro page – the book title and introduction,
  • Tier 2, pages with navigation buttons – a book’s chapters,
  • Tier 3, the sub-category pages or blog articles – points made within a book’s chapters.

Another important niche marketing strategy – include your site concept keywords in your intro page. The intro page is similar to the first chapter of the book, usually titled similar to your website title. Basically you set the tone, introduce the topic and promise to provide (and link into) great content further into the site. It needs to be written in a simple, straight forward format, with short paragraphs, concise sentences and lots of white space.

After that, every page or blog article should further support the niche marketing strategy. Decide on what keywords or keyword phrases you will be using in a specific page or blog article. In the first paragraph, write a descriptive sentence (200 characters/with spaces) that summarizes the content of the specific page or blog article. Make sure to include the niche marketing keywords in the descriptive sentence, the “catchy title”, and the file name and browser title.

Did you know this about niche marketing

Visitors come to a website expecting to find answers to their questions, solutions to their problems, or for entertainment value. However, those people will never come to your website if you have not focused on niche marketing and keyword density.  The content must be well written, free of grammatical or spellings errors. And, it must be relevant to the site concept for your website, with valid up-to-date information for the visitors.

As far as a niche marketing strategy to attract the search engines, include your niche keywords up front and often, at least two times per 100 words of content. But then again, you have to be careful NOT to use any keyword too often or the search engines consider your content to be spam.

Focus on niche marketing through out the website development…

Category pages (tier 2) expound on a specific part of the niche marketing site concept. Again it is important to decide on the keywords or keyword phrases first, then, write the descriptive sentence. In the content of these pages include keywords that link to relevant blog articles (or tier 3). Give your reader enough information to keep their attention and lead them deeper into the site for more information.

A blog article (tier 3) is where the reader really gets the whole story. Here you provide the information that will keep the visitor coming back, in other words, deliver what you promised on the intro and category pages.

In the end, if you have been successful with your niche marketing strategy, the content you have written “delivers”, and your visitors will return again and again. Finding the perfect blend between SEO content, and at the same time offering the visitor an enhanced experience is critical to building a successful website.

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