Internet Marketing Tips; Position your Brand

Internet Marketing Tips; Positioning your brand is the 
process of finding an unfulfilled need in your customer’s 
mind and filling it with your brand.

Internet Marketing Tips; Find a position of your own

Find an unfulfilled need and fill it… kind of like ‘finding an itch and scratching it.’ Specialize in some aspect of your business and either create a new product or service or just do it differently than all of your competitors. In other words, create your own niche market. Kind of like discovering an all-new solution; like an invention. Or you can transform an established solution; i.e. computers to laptops or books to eReaders.

Internet Marketing Tips: Figure out what you do better than anyone else

What is your Unique Selling Proposition, or Point of Difference
Deciding which customers you serve best
Avoid copying someone else, find your own position by filling an unfilled need.

Internet Marketing Tips: Write a positioning statement

Include the following;
1. Name of your company or product
2. Your business description
3. A summary of your point of difference
4. Your customer profile

EXAMPLE: “Lynn Albro, Marketing Specialist, uses simple SEO and Social networking techniques to assist  small business owners with the goal of leveling the playing field by working smarter, not harder.”

Ask yourself these questions…

1. Is your positioning statement believable
2. Is it consistent with what your prospects and clients believe to be true about you
3. Can you consistently deliver the distinct attributes stated in the positioning statement
4. Can you package and deliver your point of difference consistently

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