Real Estate Marketing Ideas; Get a Website Just Right

If traditional marketing is the ‘act of presenting something to someone else’, then internet marketing is the ‘act of presenting something to someone else – online’. And your ‘online presence’ is usually a website which acts as the foundation of all of your online marketing activities. So it is important to get your website just right!

Here are 7 tools to get that website just right:

1. Search Engine Optimization & Keyword Research – when you know which keywords and phrases that your target customers are likely to use you can optimize your site based on that information. What you are looking for is high demand keywords that relate to your site concept but have a limited number of competitor pages.

2. Organization & Navigation – a navigational system must be easy to find and easy to figure out. Sometimes referred to as: Tier 1-Site Concept, Tier 2-Directories and Tier 3-Subdirectories and Tier 4-sub-subdirectories.

3. Domain Name – may relate to the site keyword, or, it can be creative and easy-to-remember name, as in ‘google’ and ‘yahoo’. Or, if you have been in business for a long time and your business name is very familiar to a lot of folks – then use it.

4. Landing Pages – a page at your website that a visitor lands on when coming from another site or advertisement. Landing pages are typically created to specifically connect with a specific referring link.

5. Relevant Content – actually, content is the only thing that matters at a website. Your content needs to be first and foremost what your visitors are searching for and it should be unique in order to grab the visitor’s attention.

6. Website Design – visual identity of your should reflect the content and your brand identity. A visitor should know at a glance what company or product they are dealing with, and that brand must be maintained through out all of your internet activities.

7. Web Analytics – you need to know how well your website is performing; how many people are visiting, how long they stayed at the site, how many pages they viewed, what your bounce rate is, and so on. With this information it is pretty easy to see what is working and what isn’t.

The bottom line is – your website is the foundation of your web presence. So it is important to construct your website with a marketing focus making sure it’s easy for your visitors to find what they’re looking for. And, done right a website is the best of the real estate marketing ideas.


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